Solar Panel

Buy Solar Panel in California

Buy Solar Panel in California

Buy Solar Panel in California

The state of California is at the forefront of promoting renewable energy with incentives and initiatives to make switching to solar energy as easy and economical as possible for homeowners. Californians are taking advantage of these offers and are reaping the rewards of clean energy in both monetary savings and environmental sustainability. For anyone considering making the switch to solar, understanding the benefits and steps for installation can help the process move along smoothly.

The Benefits

The benefits of installing solar panels are obvious. Consumers save money every month on their electricity bill and help lessen their environmental impact. The California Solar Initiative (CSI) provides an incentive for homeowners to invest in solar energy and make the switch. State-funded rebates are dependent upon the customer’s energy usage, but typically range anywhere from 10% to 60% of installation costs and are distributed by California’s utility companies. In addition, consumers may be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit.

The Process

The solar installation process begins with determining the right size solar system for your home. Depending on your energy consumption and individual electricity needs, a variety of panels will be available. Once you have determined the most effective system size for your home or business, deciding on a solar provider is the next step. As there are many providers both in-state and online, it is important to do your research. When researching providers, inquire about warranty coverage, customer service, and past customer reviews.

Installing the solar panels takes about three to six weeks once your order is placed. Buy Solar Panel in California. Solar installation is a complex process that does require the services of a professional installer, however, signed permits and a high level of expertise are not needed as the equipment comes pre-assembled and pre-approved. When installation is complete, it is typically the company that will then contact your utility company.

Am I Eligible?

Homeowners or businesses in California are likely eligible for solar energy if they own their own home or business, have a good credit rating, and have good access to solar energy. Solar panels must be installed on a roof or wall that is free from shade and has a minimum of 90 degrees of pitch. Many energy providers will also provide additional incentives and discounts based on geographical location and even the type and age of a homeowner’s roof or wall.

Going solar in California has never been easier or more cost-effective. With access to a variety of solar providers and incentives such as the state and federal rebates, switching to solar energy can be an extremely rewarding experience. Anyone considering going solar should explore all of their options, compare prices, and ensure they are getting a system tailored to their individual energy needs and budget.