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Custom Sales and Installation

Boyd Solar provides custom system design, sales, installation and commissioning for larger systems.

19760 Watt ground-mount system, battery back-up and grid-interactive

5824 Watt roof-mount, battery back-up and grid-interactive

Off-grid combination solar electric and solar heat incorporating our Solar Smart™ controls

Expandable 36 KW inverter system with custom programmable logic controls

This system uses both battery-based inverters and grid-interactive inverters in an AC coupled manner
to maximize power to the grid and support the battery-based emergency system.

Grid-interactive inverters for a 18240 Watt solar array with controls to send the power
to the grid or to the emergency battery-based inverter system.

Control box, system controllers and equipment
for a 19760 Watt solar array.

113500 Watt-hour battery bank for an off-grid system

468720 Watt-hour battery bank for emergency loads. This arrangement uses solar-fed
gridinteractive inverters to support an emergency system.

Site Surveys

For custom systems we use the latest in technology to make accurate
and professional assessments and provide documentation including:

→ Panoramic Pictures

→ Laser Ranging

→ CAD Drawings

which expedite the construction of the system

and the grid-tie process when required.

Single line diagrams and
other supporting documents

System Commissioning

We use infrared thermography to verify the integrity of connections, modules, and
sequipment, thus reducing the risk of current and future problems.


Initial specific gravities of batteries are checked
and recorded. The batteries are then fully charged
and specific gravities are again checked, at which
point the batteries are ready to be put into service.
This process assures consistency, uncovers any
anomalies and extends the life of the batteries.



We provide you with all the documentation you require to understand, operate and maintain your system.
Included are Boyd’s system manuals, all manufacturers’ manuals, and the commissioning report.

All our Boyd manuals are quite user-friendly.

System manual - A manual describing the design, layout and equipment systems, and the
settings and programming used for your system, assuring you of a record for future reference.

Commissioning report - A comprehensive record of the start-up of the system. Observations, operation
and performance tests are all documented here, assuring you that the actual performance and
safety of your system are up to standard.

Battery manual and maintenance records - These are the tools to understand and maintain
your batteries to make living with them easy, and save you money in the long run.

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